Why You Should Support Local Businesses.

It’s important to support local businesses because this brings a sense of strong community. It builds the economic status of the community even during trying times. Supporting local businesses gives the community a uniqueness and richens the quality of life.

Supporting Local Businesses

What happen when you support local businesses

When you support local businesses you get to know the faces behind the products and services that you are recieving. It brings that personal touch of a one on one experience which can lead to great relationships.


With the Covid-19 outbreak it has affected all of our lives including small local businesses, preventing us from being able to sustain normal day to day functionality.

Businesses across the country came up with different ways to generate funds by using fundraisers. Cory Romeisei from Golden Press Studio created a free t-shirt design called “Support Local” focusing on the importance of supporting local businesses.

Support Local T-Shirts

With access to this amazing design “Support Local” we have screen printed limited amount of t-shirts and stickers available for purchase.

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