How Important Are Colors To Branding?

When starting your brand, choosing the ideal color is important. This is what makes your brand stand out and set you apart from everyone else. When you are marketing your brand, the color and logo is what catches the attention of the potential customers and gives your business it’s identity. People are visual beings and will most likely remember your brand if you use a bright color that is eye catching. 

photo of dunkin donuts neon signage
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Think about businesses like McDonald’s, Starbucks, Home Depot, Dunkin Donuts these companies use bright colors that people are able to spot from miles away. If you are on the highway you can spot a McDonald’s coming up from the distance. You have to pick a color that represents your brand and the feel that you are going for. Bright colors are usually more appealing to the eyes. 
An example would be Red. It’s a dominant and striking color. You may notice that most fast food chains use the color Red in their logos.

Taking all of this into consideration when establishing your brand is necessary before you reach out to your designer to create your logo for your brand.

TIP: In order to maintain consistency when printing merchandize like T-shirts, bags, hats, etc. you must ensure that you have the right PMS color codes.

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